What is this site for

Pluckin' Ukes started as a project for those of us who could read music, tap out a tune on a piano, and wanted to be able to play the tune on the Uke. That is was the Tab Creator does

The natural progression was to be able to simply create clear songsheets. This is what the Songsheet Creator does.

Tab Creator

The tab creator was never really designed for complete pieces of work, more a tool to help work out little ditties! However, use it how you like. There is no rythmic expression, just simply where to put your fingers.

The piano keyboard actually goes lower than the standard Uke, but there is a transpose feature will move all notes up or down a semi-tone at a time.

Songsheet Creator

Use the songsheet creator to easily create a songsheet. You can simply enter the lyrics, and enter chords in square brackets []. The chords will then showboat above the words. If logged in, you can also choose your saved tabs (by pressing the @ key).

Chord Sheets

Use the chords page to create custom chord sheets.

This is not an exhaustive list of all ukulele chords but we will be adding more shortly.

The chords now show if it is possible to barre - use a single finger over all strings - whether or not you do barre, is entirely up to you of course.